Collection of Minerals and Fossiles Granzer

E X H I B I T I O N S:

Who collects for a long time, has always something to deliver. The problem with space know many others certainly. Although I give away a lot, I try to sell some of my minerals and fossiles on exhibitions. The material reason does not play a major role. On Exhibitions you can meet friends, socialise with others, find out news or just be there.

I offer o n l y   findings by myself and 2014 you can visit me on the following exhibitions:

25. April 2022: Eggenburg, Stadthalle

25. September 2022: Steyr, Reithoffersäle, MFOÖ

11./12. November 2022: Wien, Stadthalle, VMÖ

4. Dezember 2022: Linz, Kaufmännisches Vereinshaus, MFOÖ

From my offer:

minerals: Toskany, Hungary, Switzerland, Spain, Austria (in part old, classic sites)

fossilies: Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Hungary

Because I offer only findings by myself, I am known for very low prices!



Many MICROS (see 'Description of the Collection') at low prices to dispatch!

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Gerhard Granzer
Markt 16, 3365 Allhartsberg
tel:+43 (0)7448/3003

Allhartsberg, January 2005